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Ofsted fit for purpose?

"phonics teaching is weak"... knowledge not secure"
94% pass rate in Phonics screeening check

"not enough opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge"
a different order allowed by curriculum freedom, incorrect data (lower), entered by the L.A, Over 30% DNS seven year olds doing long division and adding in millions or adding fractions. Performance data was later found to have been 'entered incorrectly' to raiseonline after being submitted correctly by DNS.

"..Senior leaders think the school is far better than it is.."
Both moderations using two counties recorded accurate assessment of children. (See also improper change to data above).

The list goes on in this vitriolic attack that Ofsted refused to provide evidence for even under FOI when challenged.

"Good teaching is good teaching"
Trite doublespeak. An excuse to corral teaching into a narrow form despite their guidelines and our freedoms.

20 years Ofsted bullying give us amongst the unhappiest and poorly performing children in the world.

Discovery New School is a small Montessori primary school. We are a state school with a difference and are called a 'free school' . This means we are independent and free to choose our own curriculum. We are open to all. We are a small school, currently with a maximum 64 children in years R to year 4. We will grow gradually to house children from Reception to year 6. I hope you enjoy learning more about us from our website.